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Our temporary Covid19-measures 

(last update : 15/08/2020)

In order to reassure you during these corona times, we would like to put your attention to our new and hygienic approach in response to this corona crisis, in order to still be able to offer you a pleasant and safe holiday.

Here are some measures we would take:

- Our preference is to accept 1 booking at a time per period, in order to respect and garantee the so called 'family bubble / group'.

- We ensure that only a maximum of 2 rooms are occupied at one time, in order to limit the maximum number of persons present.

- We will spreading the time of the meals (breakfast, any eventual lunch and / or evening meals), so that social distancing can be ensured, in case of different 'bubble groups'.

- We will wear sterile (cleaning) gloves and mouth masks, for example when preparing breakfast, in order to avoid the risk of the virus spreading.

- Each room will also be cleaned with as much sterile cleaning gear and cleaning products per cleaning session.

- Between each room occupation we guarantee a room vacancy of at least 3 days, before this room gets available again for booking.

- We will disinfect several times per day door handles, water taps, shower heads, light switches, etc..

- We will also group the sofas and lounges by the pool per room and provide a daily cleaning to prevent possible contamination.

- The Yurt will not be available as long as Covid19-measures are needed to be applied.

Let ‘s hope that this period will be short-lived and that everything will return to normal soon.

Meanwhile we’d like to say: "Keep your upcoming holiday dreams alive!" And "Don’t hesitate to book them now!" In case the corona measures would be extended by one of the various authorities, with the result that your trip could not come true on the booked arrival date, we will provide you with a Voucher worth your deposit. This voucher will be valid for 2 years from the date of issue. On a later date you could redeem it or eventually use it as a gift.

We  also have temporary eased our paying terms, we don’t require a charge 50% of the stay price as an advance, but rather the room price of the first night (€ 85.00) as a minimum. This way it might be also feasible for you during this difficult period and it could be a win-win situation for all of us, right?


Together we’ll get by, won't we?

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