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Our policy is available for all our (potential) guests whether they book(ed) through our own website or through a booking site where our accommodation is mentioned (,, etc)

By making a booking, the booker agrees with our policy, terms and conditions, and we assume the booker took knowledge of all our conditions, terms and policy.

1. Reservation mode

A booking request can be made through various channels.
We are talking about a 'Reservation' as soon as we received an advance (a prepayment) and the document we have sent to fill out is send back from the booking applicant.
Each application (booking request) is only considered as an option until the date indicated in the first e-mail.
However, we reserve the right to determine if this option is terminated and set the room back open for any reservation.
In case of no responce and/or non prepayment before this mentioned (indicated) date, the option turns automaticly into a

final booking. From that day on this reservation will be claimed under the cancelation conditions (see point 3).

2. Payment terms and possibilities

There is a deposit of 50% required which must be paid

* no later than 42 days before arrival date
* no later than 7 days after the date of enquiry if this enquiry has been done in between 42 and 7 days before arriving date
* at least 2 days after the enquiry when this has been done within the period of the 7 days befor the arrival date.

Last minutes (less than 2 days): payment intergral by arrival + passport registration.

The advanced payment (and eventually the second part) must be paid on one the following bank accounts:

IBAN ES33 2103 0179 XXXX XXXX 3607 (the entire bank account number will be mentioned when booking)


The remaining 50% of the staying amount should be paid on the day of arrival. (more see Payment possibilities down under)
Besides the amount of staying, additional charges, such as: consumptions, shuttles, staying dog,...

will be put on the bill too and have to be paid on the day of departure.

Paying possibilities:

* 50% of the staying amount through a bank transfer,
* by arrival the other part will have to be paid, whether:

- in cash,
- through a second bank transfer,
- through Bancontact application (Belgian paying system).


In case of not respecting this paying in advance policy before the indicated date, we have the right to cancel your booking (request) inmediatly, whitout any charges of course, whether you booked through our own web site or through a booking web site (like

3. Cancellation - no show - earlier departure than expected

3.1. Cancellation
     Cancellations must be in writing (by email).

3.1.1. Up to 6 weeks (42 days) before arrival, cancellation is free of charge and you can request the already paid deposit to be refunded. 

3.1.2. If it is cancelled from the 42th day (6 weeks) before arrival, there is an automatic loss of the deposit, unless there is a valid reason. Then, if requested, half of the deposit will be recovered or may be claimed in a gift voucher with the value of half of the advance paid deposit to redeem it yourself later on or to give away as a present.
Valid reasons may include:

  • A death in the family (1st or 2nd grade). A valid obituary as proof is required.

  • An unexpected hospitalization of one of the participating guests.Requires a doctor's certificate or a valid certificate of the hospital.

  • At force majeure: in this case, we take the completely right to decide ourselves on the subject.

3.1.3. In cases of enquiries in the period of those 42 days befor arrival date,
cancelations are free within 24 hours. After those 24 hours, abovementioned rules will be applicated (see under 3.1.2)

3.2. In case of no show applies to the abovementioned rule (see under 3.1.2.).

3.3. In case of earlier than expected departure, will be charged you the total amount of your stay as mentioned on the booking, plus all of your consummations.

4. General Data Protection Regulation

The data that is requested on the form will only be used for:
- the invoice;
- our accounting requested by the Junta de Andalusia (name and ID);
- staying connected before and during your stay (phone number and emailaddress);
- eventually for buying your tickets for the Caminito del Rey (name, phone number, ID number, postal code).

This data will be stored on our laptop (and our extern hard disc) for a limited time; only the data for the accounting will be stored for a longer time (during 7 years on the extern hard disc).
Our mail correspondence we be kept during maximum 2 years.

5. Room choice is not necessarily guaranteed

For organizational reasons (like for instance: not all our rooms are for guests with dogs, or depending on the stay period of the guest), we reserve the right, in spite of the guest's room choice, to assign another room, with the same conditions (at the same price), of course.

6. Total smoking ban on the entire property (with the exception of a defined smoking zone)

It is strictly forbidden to smoke throughout the property.

  • Very often in this area there is an increased risk of fire.

  • In addition, all rooms are equipped with smoke detectors.

  • We assume that many of our clients experience tobacco smoke as disturbing, and that they might appreciate this smoking ban.

We rely on the sense of responsibility of each one of our guests.

We reserve the right to give a comment to the offender, or even, in the case of repeated violation, refusing him further use of the entire property, in addition, we will also present him the bill of the whole agreed period of stay, which the offender has to pay immediately before leaving the property.

7. No stay under the age of 16

We wish to offer our guests the necessary peace and quiet, and since there is a stricter regulations for providing shelter to minors (children), we have decided not to allow children under 16 years.

If the applicant ignores this requirement, and somehow he knows / knew how to circumvent this requirement, for example by falsifying the date of birth on the application form, we waive all responsibility, in other words, this person is no (longer) covered by our insurance.

Additionally, we reserve the right to immediately terminate the booking, the responsible applicant and the minus-16-year-old have to leave the property, after payment of the entire stay and any charges incurred or inflicted.

8. No food is allowed in the room

For hygienic reasons and also because the B&B provides the necessary consummations, it is forbitten to eat or store food in the room(s) or in the yurt.
All food, even food being brought from elsewhere, can be used in the living room or on the commun terrace.
An extra fee of €20,00 will be charged in case of non compliance of this rule, for causing more waste.

9. Theft in room

As the guests receive the necessary keys to the room upon arrival, the manager (s) of the B&B are not responsible for possible theft of personal items in the rooms.

10. (Gift) Voucher

Our accommodation also issues Vouchers (gift and vouchers) for interested parties who wish to give such a gift or in case a previously made booking could not go through (see 3.1.2).

Gift vouchers can be obtained by filling in the 'Voucher Request Form' form attached to our website or by sending an email to our email address

After depositing the amount to our bank account, we will send a confirmation email with such VOUCHER in PDF form back to the applicant.

There are some conditions attached to this.

Vouchers can only be redeemed for direct bookings, not via booking sites.

Such a voucher is valid for 2 years starting from the application date.

Each voucher cannot be combined with other promotions or coupons.

The amount on the voucher cannot be cashed.

Some vouchers are personal and cannot be redeemed by others than the person mentioned on the voucher.

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